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Matchbox is a service that matches bare-metal machines to profiles that PXE boot and provision clusters. Machines are matched by labels like MAC or UUID during PXE and profiles specify a kernel/initrd, iPXE config, and Container Linux or Fedora CoreOS config.


  • Chainload via iPXE and match hardware labels
  • Provision Container Linux and Fedora CoreOS (powered by Ignition)
  • Authenticated gRPC API for clients (e.g. Terraform)


Matchbox can be installed from a binary or a container image.


Getting started provisioning machines with Container Linux.

  • dnsmasq - container image to run DHCP, TFTP, and DNS services
  • terraform-provider-matchbox - Terraform provider plugin for Matchbox
  • Typhoon - minimal and free Kubernetes distribution, supporting bare-metal